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Melissa Cooley, DNP


About Melissa Cooley, DNP

Melissa Cooley, DNP, FNP, is a Doctor of Nursing Practice and certified family nurse practitioner who serves patients in and around San Antonio, Texas, at CoolMed, a state-of-the-art integrative medicine practice. 

Dr. Cooley was born and raised in Texas. She earned her bachelor's degree in animal science in 1997 from Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches, Texas. Dr. Cooley discovered her passion for medicine while working with animals. While taking care of animals was rewarding, Dr. Cooley felt her talents were better suited to serving people. 

Consequently, Dr. Cooley went on to earn a second Bachelor of Science degree in nursing from the University of Texas, San Antonio. She then worked as a registered nurse in plastic surgery with Dr. Gary Lawton for several years before applying her skills to serve in the emergency room, intensive care unit, cardiac cath lab, and operating room. 

Dr. Cooley has also worked in the fields of bariatric surgery and nursing management. While working as a bariatric coordinator and nursing manager, she went back to school to earn her FNP and DNP degrees. She worked in the emergency room again for several years before reuniting with Dr. Lawton to care for patients using advanced and holistic methods.

Dr. Cooley has published three articles that have appeared in nursing and medical journals. She has also authored a book chapter on weight loss. Dr. Cooley is passionate about research and is committed to publishing at least once per year.

Dr. Cooley sees and treats patients of all ages for primary care services. She specializes in weight loss, provides medical aesthetic procedures, practices hormone replacement therapy for men, women, and transgender individuals, and incorporates Ayurveda medicine into her approach to care. 

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